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We are the S.F. Wicked Wombats, no were not from San Fransisco.  The "S.F." is short for "Screaming Flying", you'll have to ask Aaron....  The big game the majority of us attend every year is the EMR Castle Conquest game in the spring.  As a team we have officially  attended 7 spring Castle Conquests: XIX, XXI, XXIII, XXV, XXVII, XXIX, XXXI.  To which I might add we have been on the winning team for the last 6 years

Left to right standing:  Mike, Bill (Markel), Kristen, Kit, Tony, Shawn, Dustin, Bill (Klein) . Left to right squatting/sitting: John, Colby, Luke, Daniel, Aaron (Chilson).  Not present Aaron (Kessler)

Are you going to Castle?

What exactly is a Wombat?

Short, furry and strong, describes the majority of us to a T!  We like to inhabit tunnels and such, not unlike the inside of a castle's walls.  good luck getting us out, like this guy finds out!






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